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Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Annie Vanrivong is the creator behind Wolf & Rebel. She runs her business from Windsor, ON creating hand stamped products. Annie has been a great supporter of Made by a Canadian, and we recently had the opportunity to interview her. We hope our conversation sheds light on what it takes to bring customers a unique product, and allows you to get to know Annie in a new way. Thank you Annie for your beautiful words!

What products do you offer?

I make hand stamped keychains that are snarky, motivational, ironic and powerful. I just recently added customizable wall hangings that have been pretty popular! I also sell some vintage items that I find here and there. I’m excited to do some travelling and find pieces from all over North America to include in the shop eventually.

What led you to start the business?

I’ve always been entrepreneurial in nature so starting a business has been a life goal of mine. But what made me start Wolf & Rebel was that I was getting really restless in my life and wanted a creative outlet. I thought about stamping keychains before, but didn’t want to spend all that money to buy the tools. My husband is super supportive and told me to just go for it and I haven’t looked back since. It actually worked out perfectly because when I start travelling on my tiny home school bus, I’ll be able to make these keychains wherever I go.

What is your creative inspiration?

My creative inspiration has to be any form of art. As vague as that sounds, I really enjoy such a huge variety of creative expression from pottery to illustrations to floral designing. Basically anything that catches my eye aesthetically, has my heart! That’s why I look up to people like Her Name Is Mud and Furry Little Peach.

Why do you feel your customers buy from you?

I think I’ve been able to create so much more than a product and brand. Community and support is something I feel passionate about and I make it a huge effort to share that energy with other makers and people. I connect with every single person who comes across my products and I don’t just see them as a customer. I also love making my brand fun to explore and I think people can really sense that.

What is unique about your business?

Something unique about my business is ME! Lol There are so many other metal stamping businesses out there and some people have even tried to copy my designs, but in the end what makes my business different is me. I put my soul and personality into my work and I make sure every piece is held with high standards.

If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting their own creative endeavour, what would it be?

My biggest advice I would give is that you need make sure you love what you’re doing. If you’re in it for anything other than that, like money, popularity, then it’s not going to work. It takes so much time and energy to start something from scratch and if your heart isn’t in it then eventually, you’ll get bored and move on.

What’s your favourite local store in Windsor?

My favourite local store in Windsor is actually a shop that just opened up, Pressure Drop. I got to meet the owner a couple of days ago and just fell in love with his energy. Not to mention his shop is just so beautiful!

What’s your go to gift for a friend’s birthday?

A keychain haha ;)

What’s the best cafe in Windsor?

March 21! I heard about this business for a while and finally checked it out. It was wonderful! Super nice people there and just a very hole-in-the-wall type of gem.

Who are other artists in the area that you admire?

Someone new I’ve been inspired by is a Windsor photographer, Anthony Sheardown. Gorgeous photos! Also a friend of mine from Hollow + Fir does some fantastic stippled illustrations. So many hours go into one of her art pieces and they’re just so unique.

Stay up to date with the amazing work Annie is creating by following her Instagram account: @shopwolfandrebel

Or simply check out all her work on her website:

Photos taken by Annie Vanrivong

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